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About Us

School Help, Your Way

LumenEd is an Edtech software company helping students and tutoring companies more conveniently, efficiently and accessibly connect.  We help tutoring organizations automate workflows, provide virtual classroom services across most platforms. We are revolutionizing the way tutoring is delivered today – increasing knowledge and confidence and breaking down barriers for all students.

We believe in personalized learning and the individual tutoring and personalized instruction is the most effective way to learn. We’re here to help private tutoring companies be more effective, so they can help more students succeed in the world. 

By connecting students and teachers in person and online, LumenEd removes barriers to quality education.  Our marketplace platform aggregates tutors from our amazing partner organizations to (1) make the most effective matches between available teachers and students, (2) increases the number of sessions a tutor can deliver in an available time period by virtual delivery and (3) increases effectiveness and trust with recorded sessions, reporting and more.

For Parents

If you’re a parent, you should have every confidence that there’s someone out there that is well matched to help your child the way they want to learn; conveniently, safely and effectively.  Tutors on our site work for top quality tutoring companies with years of experience. You can find search and rate professionals, and conveniently arrange scheduling and payment with convenience.

For Students

If you’re a student, get the help you want, from who you want, when you want. Log in from your mobile, tablet or desktop device and schedule the tutor that’s right for you.  Whether you learn best from a tutor that makes you laugh, uses games, or is award-winning, find the person that suits your style. Track your progress and improve your confidence along the way and spread the message about the help you’re getting to be better at life!

For Tutors

If you’re a tutor, finding and teaching students that connect with you and appreciate your style should be easy.  We’re giving you the tools and empowerment to deliver the best you for the best return on your time.