Bruna Braga

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Bruna Braga

I am a very patient and fun person. I love putting some color on everything, because I think life is too gray on the big cities. My biggest passion is linguistics. I search for new grammar tips and fun facts as a hobby. I wanted to see the learning system be changed to add more models of teaching that could include other children who have different learning skills (some people learn better through sounds, images or gestures and body movements). I also think the learning system should be updated to include more digital tools, as this is the new generations reality; the learning system should adapt to the students, not the other way around.

Biography (tutoring history)
I have been tutoring ever since 2013. At first, I was a teacher in a languages school in Brazil. Later on I spent one year in Paris, where I got the chance to teach English and Portuguese. When I came back to Brazil I got an internship in a French Institution, where not only I taught French and Brazilian Portuguese (to French students), but I also got a chance to create their online learning system. Later on I decided to become a freelancer so I could have the liberty to choose the learning method I would use based on the student\’s profile.


Teaching Credential(s)
Bachelor degree in French and Portuguese.

Origami, music (play the guitar, ukulele and sang in a choir for many years), cooking, sewing (though I have a lot to learn yet), reading (especially fiction), movies (I love sci-fi and fantasy), learning new languages, puzzles, Einstein\’s riddle kind of puzzles, crosswords, board games and dancing.

Teachable grade(s)
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Teachable subject(s)

Other teachable(s)
Brazilian Portuguese Origami

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