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Divya Sharma

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Divya Sharma

I believe that I am a Go-getter as I like doing mostly all the things myself. I believe we learn everything with our own experiences and right guidance. I consider myself to be a cheerful person and I hope people find me approachable at the first experience. I am aiming to create a friendly and relaxed environment for my students. I believe knowing my students\’ temperament, nature and needs is the most important thing helping me I can relate to them, and so that they feel comfortable asking questions to me. Asking questions is the most important exercise between the teacher and the student.

Biography (tutoring history)
I have been in the Education and Training industry since 2011. I have worked as a Teacher of French English language with students of different age groups. In plus to this I have also been associated in Online Teaching programs where I was a peer tutor during my college days. I was also part of a program with the middle school students, where I would tutor students after-school for any specific or special needs. During my teaching years with a reputed school, I have had experience volunteering in various teaching programs where I worked with students in need of extra support of different countries. As an experienced tutor, my aim is to make the learning experience an enjoyable, engaging and fruitful one.

Bachelor of Arts (Honors in Foreign Language)

Teaching Credential(s)
1. Bachelors of Arts (Honors in Foreign language)
2. Diploma in French language Teacher Training
3. DELF B1, Alliance Francais

1. Painting and Sketching
2. Interacting with people
3. Cooking

Teachable grade(s)
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8

Teachable subject(s)

Other teachable(s)

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