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Gabrielle Smiley

I was grown in Jamaica. I did preschool all the way up to high school in Jamaica. Then I migrated to Canada to do final year of high school at AY Jackson SS. I wasn\’t satisfied with the system there so I decided I wanted to go back home. At the time I wanted to be a dentist or an architect. I picked a degree that would\’ve led me into dentistry. So I did one year of a degree in biochemistry in Ja. Then I changed my mind because the core courses was not to my liking and I wasn\’t as passionate about it. I researched careers in architecture, then my researched progressed to engineering and I found civil engineering. I found that a technology \”degree\” was offered at humber college so I moved back to Canada to pursue it. After three long years I completed an advanced diploma in Civil Engineering technology. After that I went on to pursue a civil engineering degree. Long story short I did not find i t was interesting because there was too much theory. I wanted to do a degree that was applicable to construction, building and useful in Toronto upbeat way of living. I found out about the Construction Management degree at George Brown College (GBC) which is the only degree of its kind in Central Canada. Then I applied and got through after two years. Now I\’m a recent graduate of GBC. I know what it is like to fail and be at the top of my class. I will say that I am resilient, ambitious, confident yet humble. I am hardworking and detailed orientated. I take pride in my work and I make sure it is of the best quality. I get along well with people in a group or one-on-one. I love kids and animals. I like to be outside just enjoying nature. I love to watch a good comedy show or suspenseful show. I think I can go on but I have said enough for now.

Biography (tutoring history)
I have been tutoring privately while I was in university back in freshman year 2011-2012. I tutored math such as functions and calculus. I tutored in college 2013 – 2015 at ECL tutoring service to high school students grades 8-12. I tutored math. Also in college I tutored privately 2017-2018 to my colleagues. I tutored estimating which is mainly math with a focus on problem solving, basic arithmetic and conversions.

Bachelors of Technology in Construction Management G

Netflix, gardening, listening to podcasts, walking in parks

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