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Gerry Prentice

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Gerry Prentice

Scientist, objectively minded and skilled in the art-and-science of troubleshooting various types of systems and problems in highly efficient manner. I\’m a good listener and empathetic, I\’m generous and friendly but not too outgoing. I\’m extremely patient and cool tempered, some would say unflappable. Solving problems and puzzles has always been a passion, not just a valuable part of my career.

Biography (tutoring history)
Ever since university, I was the one spending hours of my time to teach my friends and assist others having troubles, and found more joy in making a huge differe nce to a friend\’s grade than having used that time towards my own. Over a decade providing direct training to over 100 student/employees as a lab manager required adapting training to the level, abilities, speed, and backgrounds of various students. I am adept at reading feedback while outlining, describing, or demonstrating information, and rather than just repeat everything, I find a new analogous way to address it, sometimes several times, until the student makes a connection. In training, one must quickly identify any sticking points or points where misunderstanding/lack of information prior prevents them from effectively moving forward, and I had to adapt to each individuals capabilities and backgrounds. My late-wife and I hosted a popular and active Minecraft server with people of all ages 9 to 65 playing on it, and my day job of scientist was a fascination to most. Over the many years, as anyone would complain about their math course or chemistry or physics and how they are doing poorly/dont understand what the teacher is doing/going to fail this upcoming test I would not hesitate to put things to the side and provide free online assistance to them, some for immediate help, others for longer term. I have the ability to see in their homework, old tests, current problem assignments, and such a root-cause of why they lose marks on tests, sometimes it is a simple thing to undo, othertimes it is a more fundamental step from far back that never got fully recognized and understood, but I can identify it and find a way to communicate the corrections with them. I have derived much satisfaction from seeing the dozens of children and students in college or university transform their grades over time, as well as their outlooks , with one saying \”chemistry is dumb\” to \”Wow, now I understand why you\’re always so excited about chemistry\” to \”I\’m going to major in chemistry in university!\” over a couple years. Seeing students whose parents did not have the resources to help them learn, and only would punish for each successive math test failure ask me for some help too, and go from repeatedly failing to C+, B and A- averages over time and gain confidence always was rewarding. At this point in my life, following the death of my wife years ago, I have taken a step away from my fulltime Research Scientist job, but wish to bring my skillset, background, and enthusiasm of math, physics and chemistry towards helping more students gain mastery and confidence over the STEM -based courses, and continue to shape more generations of future scientists, just at a younger age. Root-cause failure analysis and troubleshooting techniques, pattern recognition, and open-mindedness are the incredibly robust and powerful tools that let me identify small or large barriers, and quickly and efficiently find out where things jumped off the track that are contributing to further difficulties in the present course material, and address the root cause to correct the past and current issues, and give the foundation required for the future materials.

Bachelor of Science

programming, woodworking, hobby-electronics, microscopy, astronomy, physics, video games, crafting gifts, citizen-science projects, chemistry, puzzles, jigsaw-puzzles, trains & railways.

Teachable grade(s)
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12

Teachable subject(s)

Other teachable(s)
Space science, some biological science {I find biology to be only 20% comprehension, and 80% memorization, and memorization work does not require a tutor to make great gains.}

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