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Vania Puddoo

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Vania Puddoo

I have taken the 16 personalities test and I believe that the results are pretty accurate and it goes as follows: 1)I am an excellent manager of day-to-day tasks and routine maintenance, enjoying making sure that those who are close to them are well cared for. 2)I have a strong sense of responsibility and strive to meet my obligations to the best of my capabilities. 3)I value stability and security very highly, and I am eager to preserve the status quo, which makes me an extremely loyal and trustworthy employee and I can always be relied upon. 4)I am a strong team player, and win-win situations are what make me happy. I always care about the feelings of my surrounding and will do my best to keep a harmonious relationship with everyone I interact with. 5) I am good at connecting with others. It makes me happy to actively listen to what my surrounding has to say and it helps me read the room better.

Biography (tutoring history)
I have tutored the kids of my vicinity in my home country for a year and it has been an extremely fun and warm experience to be able to actually add value to their learning experience. I will always strive to leave those I teach with more knowledge than what they had at the beginning of the session.

Bachelor of Commerce

Teaching Credential(s)
Course Code: B-COMM Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting and Finance Double Major.

Baking, Cooking, Food Blogging, Interior Decoration, Photography.

Teachable grade(s)
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Teachable subject(s)

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Baking, Cooking, Food Blogging, Interior Decoration, Photography

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