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Tutoring Resources: How To Build Trust With Students, Parents, & Tutors

Open communication and ongoing feedback are the foundations of healthy partnerships, both in learning and in business.  

Building trust with parents, students, and tutors is the most valuable thing you can do when running a tutoring business.

In this post, you will find some best practices for building strong relationships with parents, tutors, and students.

Why Strong Relationships Are Your Best Tutoring Resource 

Helping students succeed is complicated, but incredibly rewarding – it is about more than their grades.

Helping students build confidence, develop a sense of achievement, and approach learning with a curious and open mind is the best way to see results in and outside of the classroom! 

It takes hard work from parents, tutors, students, and you. 

The more time you spend building strong relationships with each learning stakeholder, the more likely you are to see your students succeed and your business thrive.    

Relationship Building With Parents As A Tutoring Business

Parents are a partner on a student’s learning journey (particularly in the early grades). 

Having a healthy tutor-parent relationship is essential in the support-circle-of-learning.

It is your responsibility to establish a foundation of trust – even before a student has their first session (online or in-person). 

It begins on your parent discovery call. 

Layout a high-level expectation of what a parent-tutoring company partnership looks like, but stay focused on the parent and their child’s needs – save the in-depth ‘Our Policies’ stuff for later.

Top Tips For Building Trust With Parents

  1. Have an in-depth discovery call about the student before the first lesson.
    1. Review student’s emotional, social and learning needs
    2. Establish high-level parent-tutor-admin expectations
    3. Onboard parent into tutor management software (if applicable) and send any supporting resources
  2. Follow up within three days of the first tutoring lesson via phone or email.
    1. Review how the session went.
    2. Review the supporting resources and the role you encourage parents to take in the partnership
    3. Share digital recording of lesson or notes from the tutor (if applicable)
  3. Create an on-going check-in process.
    1. Set a time at the end of the first month to speak with the parent, tutor and yourself (or a team member). 
    2. Establish a way for parents to provide on-going feedback moving forward.

Establishing trust is that much more critical when you have demanding parents, complex home environments, or learners facing other challenges. [

Top Tips For Building Trust With Tutors

Tutors, like teachers, can make or break a student’s learning experience. 

Tutors work week in and week out, helping students build the knowledge and confidence to succeed. 

If you want to build relationships with students, invest in your tutors. 

Top Tips For Building Trust With Tutors

  1. Involve tutors in the student onboarding process.
  2. Host training sessions and supply ongoing tutoring resources, including any feedback from clients.
  3. Provide tutors with the tools and training to manage 85% of the parent relationship.
  4. Ensure tutors know you have their backs.

Spend The Time Nurturing Relationships

As your business grows (or life gets busy), it becomes more challenging to connect with every new parent, tutor and student. 

If you don’t currently have the capacity to engage with your learning stakeholders, it might be worthwhile mapping out where you are spending your time. 

Things like scheduling changes, invoicing, and tutor payments can be a significant resource drain. 

Ultimately, finding a way to free up your time for higher-value activities will help your business in the long term. 

There is nothing more rewarding than connecting with students – or more valuable than building relationships with the people who make running your tutoring business possible.

Everyone wins when you build trust.