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LumenEd is an Edtech software company helping students and tutoring companies more conveniently, efficiently and accessibly connect.  We help tutoring organizations automate workflows, increase access with virtual classroom services and market tutor company tutors through a public marketplace.

LumenEd connects students and teachers online to remove barriers to convenient, quality, personalized education.  Our platform helps tutoring companies make the most effective matches between teachers and students, allows tutors to have more impact in less time, and increases efficacy and trust through standardized assessments, recordings and reporting for students, parents and teachers.

For Students

If you’re a student, get the help you want, from who you want, when you want. Log in from your mobile, tablet or desktop device and schedule the tutor that’s right for you.  Whether you learn best from a tutor that makes you laugh, uses games, or is award-winning in their field, find the person that suits your style. Track your progress and improve your confidence along the way and spread the message about the help you’re getting to be better at school! Find a tutor!

For Parents

If you’re a parent, you should have every confidence in finding the best-fit tutor that is well matched to help your child the way they want to learn; conveniently, safely and effectively.  You’ll have access to review recorded sessions, have opportunities to search and rate professionals, and conveniently arrange scheduling and payment with convenience. Tutors on our site are interviewed, vetted and managed by our amazing Tutor Partners who are running outstanding tutoring companies.  Find a tutor!

For Tutoring Organizations

Improve the speed and ease of managing the business, reducing tutor admin time and increasing profitability:

  • Supplement your in person tutoring offering by offering virtual services. Your tutors will love being able to squeeze in more sessions and your clients can take tutoring from anywhere. Matching shouldn’t just be about who’s closest or available! Provide recordings to clients.
  • Manage scheduling on autopilot – Help clients and tutors take control over the appointment booking. Log all changes automatically and help tutors reduce admin time.
  • Ecommerce front end – let your clients book and pay online and up front to secure a spot with their tutor. Make your revenues more predictable and improve client experience.
Tutor Anytime, Anywhere

Try the Virtual Classroom

LumenEd’s online virtual classroom provides flexibility to learn and tutor from anywhere, anytime featuring:
  • Computer/ iPad / tablet support – draw and edit with stylus, mouse or finger.
  • Lesson recordings – review and reference material in-between sessions – not everyone remembers on the first try!
  • Audio / video chat – real-time communication between student and tutor.
  • Save and export work – download session notes as PDFs for easy review.
  • Collaborative whiteboard – share images, files, draw and graph functions, and collaborate on complex equations in real time.
  • Screen sharing – share presentations, workbooks, or anything on the screen.
Find the Right Tutor for You

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