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LumenEd is an online tutoring and education company removing the barriers to receiving high quality, personalized education, anywhere.  We match students who want help, with teachers who want to help to receive personalized 1:1 tutoring online.

LumenEd connects students and teachers online to remove barriers to convenient, quality, affordable education.  Our platform makes the most effective matches between teachers and students, allows tutors to have more impact in less time, and increases efficacy and trust through standardized assessments, recordings and reporting for students, parents and teachers.

For Students

If you’re a student, get the help you want, from who you want, when you want. Log in from your mobile, tablet or desktop device and schedule the tutor that’s right for you.  Whether you learn best from a tutor that makes you laugh, uses games, or is award-winning in their field, find the person that suits your style. Track your progress and improve your confidence along the way and spread the message about the help you’re getting to be better at school!

For Parents

If you’re a parent, you should have every confidence in finding the best-fit tutor that is well matched to help your child the way they want to learn; conveniently, safely and effectively.  You’ll have access to review recorded sessions, have opportunities to search and rate professionals, and conveniently arrange scheduling and payment with convenience.

For Teachers

If you’re a teacher or tutor, finding and teaching students that connect with you and appreciate your style should be easy.  We’re giving you the tools and empowerment to deliver the best you for the best return on your time. Earn from anywhere, doing what you love, teaching online.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Try the Virtual Classroom

LumenEd’s online virtual classroom provides flexibility to learn from anywhere, anytime featuring:
  • Computer/ iPad / tablet support – draw and edit with stylus or finger.
  • Lesson recordings – review and reference material in-between sessions.
  • Audio / video chat – real-time communication between student and tutor.
  • Save and export work – download as PDFs for easy review.
  • Collaborative whiteboard – share files, draw and graph functions, and collaborate on complex equations in real time.
  • Screen sharing – share presentations, workbooks, or anything on the screen.
Find the Right Tutor for You

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Educate Anytime, Anywhere

Finding students with whom you like to work and can conveniently connect should be easy. LumenEd gives you the tools and empowerment to deliver the best you for the best return on your time. Get started in 2 simple steps:

      1. Create a profile by clicking “Become a tutor”.  Fill in the form with a description of yourself and an overview of your qualifications and teachables.  Then plug in your upcoming availability.  Upload the requested docs and wait to hear from us!
    1. You’ll receive a confirmation from us once your profile is saved along with all of the required documentation. If accepted, we’ll book you for a virtual live onboarding of the platform.

Once live, you can start booking and delivering sessions right away.  Payment for your work will be deposited directly into your account or through Paypal.

Tutor Requirements

  • Accreditation as a teacher or subject matter expert (PhD) or equivalent experience
  • Deep knowledge of relevant subject matter
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate subject matter
  • Demonstrated ability to apply different learning strategies including active learning and peer-to-peer techniques
  • Ability to listen and answer questions during tutoring sessions
  • Ability to create and manage individual learning plans – setting goals and/ or expectations and delivering accordingly
The time is now. Apply today!
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